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About Us


Hello fellow furbaby lovers!

 My name is Hannah and I want to share a little about how Marlo Ann’s Boutique came to be!

 To do that, we have to rewind to 2013. I had been married for almost a year, and had longed for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel for 20 years. I knew I wanted a female and I knew I wanted to name her Marlo Ann (after Marlo Thomas and the name of her character in the 1960s tv show, “That Girl”).

 Finally, the time came to search for my sweet little girl. I instantly fell in love with a sweet little Tri-Colored Cavalier puppy. My Marlo Ann lived 4 1/2 hours away from me, so I counted down the days until I could meet her, then counted down the days until I could make a return trip to bring my 8 week old precious little girl home.

 Two months after I brought her home, my husband left our marriage and I needed extra income. I already had a full-time job with a 2 hour daily commute, so I knew I needed something I could do from home … but I also didn’t think I had a creative bone in my body.

 At the same time, I began to notice how bored I became with Marlo’s solid purple leash, and how little it matched her cute little outfits (you know, a girl has to accessorize!). I did a little research, found some cute patterns to match her outfits, invested in a sewing machine, and learned how to make furbaby accessories for every outfit and occasion!

 Thus, Marlo Ann’s Boutique was born!

 Marlo Ann’s Boutique contains the pawfect accessories for your well-loved furbaby. I create your accessories out of heavy nylon webbing, cotton fabric, grosgrain ribbon, and durable hardware while Marlo Ann supervises!

 Marlo and I make the pawfect team and would love to invite you to become a part of the Marlo Ann’s Boutique family!

 Lots of love and puppy kisses,
 ~Hannah & Marlo Ann~